What's this listing fee. I'm testing

I’ve spent a week trying to get 1 test to work without any help from anyone and I’m still not satisfied with my single semi-succesful test…

I got all kind of pop-ups that defeats the purpose of a robot system.

I think that’s a value that needs changing for Trade Monitor but now I get an error that Collective2 needs a listing fee. What kind of nonsense is this wanting money before your systems can be tested to satisfaction?

Not going to happen.

Hello William,

We charge for test-system access because it costs money to do all the things that even test systems require: provide reliable infrastructure, offer software support, pay software engineers, provide redundant hosting facility capacity, etc

While of course I will understand if you do not choose to use C2, I hope I can convince you to come on board. Please keep in mind that when you’re done testing your system, you can convert your test system into a “public” system and use it for your “real” system without re-paying a fee for a second time.

I do sincerely hope I’ll see you on C2.

- Alen


What software support? I’ve been stuck for days due to no responses to my posts and you call that support. I’ve spent days trying to get 1 test through your systems without it failing. If there was any support I could have completed a test succesfully and now you want a fee!

I seem to recall reading we would be allowed 5 test trades which I would expect to be successful trades and not trades left open by your software.

You’ve wasted my time by not providing help, you should not be charging for people to learn how your system does not work, [LINKSYSTEM_78743810]

Hi, Bill:

While there’s not much I can do to change our need to charge for our services, let’s put that particular issue aside and see if we can get you up and running using MT4 to send your signals to C2.

You’ve posted several messages here in the forums, and sometimes the problems you’ve written about seem resolved by your next post, so I’m still not 100% sure what issues remain.

I think the best way to proceed is as follows. Could I ask you please to write a brief, specific description of the questions you have, and the MT4 issues you can’t resolve, and to send them to help@collective2.com. Then they can be forwarded to our MT4 experts.