Should I re-pay for another system?

I have to kill a system which I have payed for it because I set a wrong starting capital. Should I re-pay for the new system?

Xiaobing: Alen at our Help Desk will take care of you. She’ll send you an email shortly.

Thank you Matthew, but I have something esle to explain, I set a starting capital 3000$, but my subscriber should pay me 99$ a month after a free trial. So, if I take a 0.1 lot on this capital, 99% profit will be cost for a subscriber if I earn 100 pips on this month. It will lead the ture capital curve never growing up.

Therefore, I should take 0.3 lots on a 9000$ starting capital, but it seems like not allowed.

Hello Xiaobing,

I have responded to both of your questions directly.

- Alen