Show Combined Portfolio Button

I really like the “Show Combined Portfolio” feature of the new Grid. However, it currently only works with systems that appear on the same results page. For example, if my Grid search returns 60 systems whose results are automatically divided into multiple pages, I cannot analyze/display the Combined Portfolio characteristics/stats of a system on page 1 with a system on page 5. In order to combine these systems into a single portfolio, I have to try to massage my Grid search in order to get the systems I want to combine into a single portfolio on a single results page.

This problem can be solved in a couple of ways that I can think of:

1) Allow users to choose to display “All Results” on a single page. This might make for a large page, but with scrolling, it would at least allow users to combine any combination of systems from their Grid search into a Combined Portfolio.

2) Allow Grid Checkboxes to maintain state even when their corresponding page is not currently being displayed. For example, if I have 6 pages of results and I want to combine systems from pages 1, 3, and 5 into a portfolio, I could check each system’s checkbox as I came to it. On page 1 I check one system, on page 3 another, and on page 5 another. C2 could keep track of the state of all my checkbox choices across multiple pages and then combine these “checked” systems into a Combined Portfolio when I click the “Show Combined Portfolio” button.