Suggestions for Portfolio Maker

Matt, Portfolio Maker is a nice feature and I believe it could benefit from some improvements.

1. Ability to set percentages that do not sum up to 100%. Reality is that my live portfolio could be scaled as: system1 (100%), system2 (200%), system3 (30%) of the C2 model. It would be nice just to input percentages the same way we do in the autotrade setup (as % of the c2 model).

Moreover, a button in autotrade setup that automatically displays the stats of the combined portfolio would be fantastic.

I could also see an option in the grid. Select 3 systems and visualize basic combined stats…

2. Add the same standard stats we see for individual system in the combined portfolio.

3. Add system correlation table.

Hope some of this can be implemented… at the moment I see amazing stats and features for individual systems but the portfolio level analysis is extremely limited and, I’d dare to say, inferior to some of your competitors.