Simulated fill errors

Matthew and team,

I see no other choice than to attract your attention to the issue in open forum. Do you have problem fill reporting functionality in C2? I’ve reported 4 problems and have 0 answers (one issue was to get stopped before the position was opened))).

Couls you pls take care of last issue -

trade ID 84812328 BTO 6 @YIH4 Mini Silver NYSE Liffe at market Filled: 19.63 at 12/24/13 12:23 ET

I’ve checked the market before placing the order and 5 cars were offered at 19.54. The price reported (19.63) was posted several minutes before and execution sent me to (0.7)% immediately.

Thanks in advance,


The issue is fixed, thanks.

But the problem remains - simulated quotes for Mini-Silver and Gold are 2-3 minutes behind the real market and simulator fills you at those "old" quotes.

So, a "smart" developer can track-record perfect Holy Grail system to attract subs just to blow them off in real market (but to pocket subs fee).



Hi, Oleg - I’ll look into why our feed is behind.