Slippage Report

Elsewhere on the suggestion message board I made the following suggestion for a slippage report, as follows: “C2 could have a slippage report feature where subscribers can report slippage. It would name the system, time when the order was entered and the time when the order was filled. Subscribers could do a slippage report at the end of the trading day, taking the information from their broker’s trade log”.

Since slippage is so often mentioned I thought I’d open a thread on it.

I do not know all the technicals in doing this, but if subscribers cooperate and do the slippage report, the order entry time, and the fill time and fill price that they report, could be matched with C2 quote source, to determine the frequency and extent of slippage being experienced by subscribers for each system.

As with the a slippage report, system subscribers could also have a place to report other fill problems, like not getting good fills for stocks with low liquidity. For that they would report the system name, the order size, order entry time, fill time and price, fill size, and the liquidity of the instrument being traded. It could work for stocks, don’t know how the liquidity would be determined for futures, currency, options.

Regarding a slippage report: each system subscriber could be identified by a code number and the report would show the number of times that a system subscriber has logged a slippage report, and for which systems.