SMA Margin calculation

Does C2 calculate margins using Reg T, Maintenance Margin and SMA - similar to a broker?

And where can I find out about the maintenance policy for equities, futures, options etc.?

Most brokers are Reg T (50%)
Maintenance of 35% - 30%

SMA is one of the most important figures needed to keep track of margin. Does C2 do that calculation?

I need to know in order to properly manage one of my newly listed strategies.



Model Account margin requirements mirror those of major US brokers.

From Interactive Brokers:

FAQ Home / Trade Issues / Margin / Margin Requirements

Maintenance Margin is the amount of funds which must be maintained in order to continue holding a position. In the U.S., the rules of the listing exchanges specify the maintenance margin requirements on security transactions subject to SEC approval. The exchange minimum maintenance margin requirement for long stock positions is currently set at 25% although brokers can add any amount of a ‘house margin’ requirement in excess of that, particularly where the security is considered low-priced or subject to volatile price changes. The exchange minimum maintenance margin requirement for short stock positions is currently set at 30%. You can monitor your margin values in real time using your TWS/Mosaic Account Window.

You can find information on Key Margin Definitions in the IBKR Knowledge Base.