Sorting forum messages on time of posting

To see the latest messages, I now rely on viewing the “new” messages. But sometimes I am accidentally logged out before I can read them all, and then it is difficult to retrieve the latest messages. When I sort the forums on Last post, I get this order:

2 days ago

22 days ago

5 days ago

4 days ago

Today 1:03 EST

Yesterday 21:41 EST

Yesterday 16:47 EST

2 days ago

This doesn’t make sense. Moreover, it sorts forums, not messages. So I would like some kind of function by which I can get a list of the latest messages sorted in the order they were posted, and that helps me to navigate to them. It can be very similar to the “new” function, except that it should contain not only the messages since the last login, but all messages of the last week or month.