Sorting "Recent Trade Signals Entered"


1. Is there a way to sort “Recent Trade Signals Entered”? The only way I can handle the task is to copy them all into Excel and sort there.

2. After receiving a message to “log in” again, I sent out two identical signals because I thought the new log-in would require setting up to publish anew. The second (identical) signal does not appear under “recent trades entered” so I’m assuming that it won’t make any difference. Is that correct, or are there steps I need to take at this point?

3. After opening a forum I received an email telling me that “You have the ability to delete any messages that you deem offensive, illegal, immoral, harmful, slanderous, or hateful.” Please tell me where I would go to delete a message in the event something offensive arises.

I think Admin Matthew eliminated the delete feature.

I think Admin Matthew eliminated the delete feature.

A few weeks ago I eliminated the ability for vendors to remove forum messages. But until a few days ago, I had forgotten to change the email that system vendors receive when setting up their own forums. So that reference within the email to “you should remove illegal messages on your forum” has recently been changed to "you should alert the Collective2 Admin about offensive messages."

Re: Sorting Recent Trade Signals Entered

I agree this is needed. Actually, I’m currently planning a major revamp of the entire System Details page, and so may accomplish this at the same time. By the way, I may even bite the bullet and hire a UI Designer/Graphic Designer to help me. So if you have any recommendations, please forward them to me via private email. (matthew at


Much obliged, MK. I feel more comfortable having you delete the messages anyway.


you can hire web/programming experts on the cheap at places like Similar to Ebay, you can see how good providers are rated by others.

You can save 90-95% on web or programming work. I had a website done for $200 by someone from Indonesia.

This might take some pressure off of you when updating parts of your site…

If you are interested in this, contact me, and I will give you some advice on putting out some of your desired C2 updates for bid. There are some very good people out there, but they live in India, Ukraine and other such countries, where $80 is NOT the norm!!!


I’ve gone this route several times already, and my experience has been that most of these overseas contractors produce what I’d term a “good looking non-compliant web site.” After learning the hard way several times, I produced a “requirements” page which all of the eLance overseas contractors were unable to meet:

The all said they could meet the requirements, but none were able to show a knowledge of these basics through prior works. In fact, one outfit that said they could ended up doing it all wrong and giving me a homepage that had nine levels of nested tables within tables, a clear violation of HTML validation rules.

My solution was to hunt down a designer that had won the “CSS Zen Garden” award, rather than advertise for designers that could follow simple standards.

Lesson learned - you get what you pay for. Bad investment.