SPY or emini / Most popular instrument?

Can anyone tell me which of these (SPY or emini) is the most common / popular type of trading system on C2?


It is one of the most liquid instruments on CME. Why mess with the other less liquid ones?

And if ES is too big, there’s now the micro’s. Good way to start trading futures.

@InTheMoneyResearch You’re the one from the YouTube channel? Used to check that out years ago, fun to watch/listen, especially the intro sentence :wink:

“Heeeeeeey folks…”’

Would it be better to offer a spy system rather than an E minisystem on collective 2? What do people think about that? Are there more potential scribers for a spy system?

Don’t worry about it, traders cannot care less about the financial instrument you are using for your buy/sell signals, as long as it is liquid enough.

You can trade the e-minis, the SPY, the currencies or sardines futures it won’t matter, as long as your system is making them money each month/year.

I think most mainstream people would rather trade spy but more aggressive types would trade emini.
Just go with what you’re better at.

Robin123, I am surprised you ask since some of your best trades in both of your systems (which btw are excellent) were entered and/or exited during the night session, so why would you want to limit your trading hours? In fact the question should be posed to developers who trade primarily SPY or its inverse: Why not switch to ES where now micros are available.

The only suggestion I would make, if I may do so: Why not switch from trading just one ES contract to 10 micros? This would give people with smaller accounts or who want to lower their exposure the opportunity to scale down - just my 2 cents.


@KarlA 's response is well thought out. I concur.

I’ve never played in micros, but for those who have, does the liquidity seem to be just as good as minis?

When you look at the daily volume the micros are not that far behind the minis except for the ES, in fact, today the MNQ shows a higher volume than the NQ.

And when you look at the often neglected C2Star systems - some of them have performed remarkably well especially year to date and during the melt down - almost all of them trade now micros.

BTW, good to see you active again on C2, keep up the good work.