I’ve been with this system for more 2 months and during this time there were a lot of trading but the result was a net loss and brokers who are the ones which benefit of this frequently trading. This system is a SHORT only system and the market in the last few months has been stable. Since this short in an up trend market which resulted in only small wins but huge losses. The developer frequently adds to the loosing trades which resulted in more losses. It is very hard to watch these trades because you know what to expect, loosing!. The money management is NOT there because a few big losses will erase months of small gains. Subscribers who joined recently would experience losses. It seems this strategy is NOT viable long term and will cause accumulated losses. I always hope the system will do well but was disappoint instead. I just want to share my frustrating experience. It’s very hard to find a winning futures systems on C2. Almost all of them lost money.

Anh Nguyen[LINKSYSTEM_67287856]

As you can see, our performance last year has been excellent. The C2 trade logs show we typically have 2-4 round trip trades per day, per our system description. Our system is market neutral. Many of our recent trades have been on the short side, which makes sense as the market reaches new highs. When the market turns, you will see many of our trades will be on the long side. We often average into positions, which is a proven trading technique to smooth out entry prices. All systems and traders experience drawdown periods, which are uncomfortable for both traders and subscribers.

Based on the negative comments you have posted throughout the C2 system criticizing various developers, I wonder if futures trading is for you. Perhaps you should consider something less risky.

Actually I should not have posted and I did it out of frustration. I should only offer my personal experience and should not criticizing the system. Over the year, I trades various systems, for a few systems, I stayed over a year and then bailed out, for some, I stay for 1/2 year to a few months and then bailed out. For some systems, I did not even lasted for more than 2 weeks because I joined them at the worst moments and can’t stand huge draw down. My problem is that I trades systems based on its past performance and more often than not, past performance may not be there in the future and we are often warned that in every page of futures and Commodities disclaiming page. Over the years, most of my accounts are getting smaller due to losses+commission+sub fees. I really want to quit trading and something internally keeping me from quitting and like magic and keep continue searching for new systems to trade. I just want to clarify that I’m responsible for my losses, not any developer or system. I think all of them are working for themselves and for their subscribers. And when I post, I just offer my personal experience only and for the system performance, it’s clearly recorded in the system performance pages. The more I trade, the less I can stand the volatility and draw down because there is less money available to absorb these impact. May be the developer is right, I should consider something less risky or trading less to have available fund to take care of these impact. So far I haven’t found any system that consistently winning for me yet, if anybody found one, please share. Currently I’m cutting back on my system trading and trading only 4 forex and 1 futures systems and I don’t know if these will do well for me; only time will tell

"It’s very hard to find a winning futures systems on C2. Almost all of them lost money"

Anh re your comment above, may i ask what are your expectations for a futures trading system (or any type for that matter) with regard to % return on equity per annum?? Regards

Hi Jules,

My expectation are unusually high, about a few hundred percent per year and I haven’t found one yet. Maybe I have to settle down and realistically looking for around 50% per year. And I think this achievable. Some of the systems on C2 have backtest result very high per year (150% to 200% per year) for 10 years period of backtest and when I joined the results are not the same and may even loose money and that’s why I’m kind of disappointed. Currently I’m trading 4 of the best forex systems on C2. One of them is about 5 months and gaine 743%, another is about 6 months for about 1390%. Another 8 month and about 124%. The last one is over 1 year with about 46%. But I also realize that forex trading is very risky, 1 very bad trade could break the system and that’s why have 4 of them of various risk parameters and hopefully NOT all of them break at the same time. Also percentage gain is very tricky and does not tell the whole story, and it depend on initial capital and risk per trade. In the order that I mention above these are initial capital for each of these system 20K, 5K, 10K, and 50K. So the one with smallest capital have the highest percentage gain and the last one with 46% with over one year old and 50k initial capital is an outstanding system and this one I was in it for a year already. But I also lost a lot of money testing other new systems also. For example for 1 of the forex system that had good stat and I jumped in and in about a weak I lost 6,500 on just 3 trades and have to give it up. Some other futures systems, I lost about the same money testing them. In the end after sum up everything, I lost quite a bit of money and now learn how to cut back and select systems and funded with enough capital so I can stay long term. Futures investing is tough and know what I know now, I wish I would not have trade at all. Now at this juncture, I’m investing with the realization that I could loose all my money. Just to be careful that I don’t loose all in one shot. But I still hope to make money though! If NOT, then why investing? Hope this make sense.


Dear subscriber, did you Ever thought Trying casinos? There you can reach Your goal of hundreds prezent return. Marketplace these data is very crouded with skilled&well capitalized pros that have one job: to Take Your money. So how you can even think of such returns? Lower Your expectations and make Your own judjment over investing, don’t Rely on others’ ideas. If you make 30% year over year you"ll retire well. Don’t waste Your money looking for holy grail, you’ll not find any.

I’d been looking at World Cup Performance Histories, and even though there are some longer term traders, nearly every one of them at the end of 2011 lost more than 30%.

I would say those traders are better than what you’d find on C2, but C2 is only good for single instrument systems and I don’t believe you’ll ever see the sort of multi-instrument day trading system with 10,000% APR all subscribers look for.

Every one of those forex systems will probably lose money, and does not have a long enough track record. Mostly forex is for high leveraged gambling, and the eminiprofit system here appears to martingale.


100% pa is unrealistic as a consistent return.

Consider this, are there any systems on C2 that have returned 100% per annum with a long track record, say over 2-3 years with a decent frequency of trades? If you look at some of the strats with long performance history the returns are much more modest. Anything above 20% is an above average performance. If you look at some of the best performing algo hedge funds, say Winton capital for example, the returns are in line with this on avg per annum, and these funds employ an army of phd’s who will have tested everything on every market.

It is my observations on these sort of sites that the systems that attract the attention are those that are highly leveraged, can boast double digit returns each months and the equity curve are pretty much a straight line. In reality these are just on a luckiest of lucky streaks and will come undone at some point. Because they are highly leveraged it will be undone in one or two trades.

I would recommend to anyone considering subscribing to a system to read “fooled by randomness” by Taleb. I guarantee that if you understand the concepts you will view trading systems differently.

I agree with Eminiglobex. People on this site are attracted to systems which show hundreds percent per year as return, they subscribe at the top of the equity curve of this system and after that are complaining “what a stupidity I’ve done and what a crap system is that” Nobody is looking for systems with less then 50%/annum return. This is crazy, it is beyond any business logic and self preservation. Think of trading as a business and put it that way: what are net profit margins of Apple as a business: 28% And this is a growing business and it is making only 28% per year? How could I make hundred percent per year without boosting risk? Because every high return carry a high risk either. So is no wonder how ponzi schemes are attracting so much money…

Both of you are right. I’ve burned so many time with systems and with my high expectation. Now I have to learn how to choose systems so that I won’t expose myself to a lot of risk any more. For high risk systems, I trade very small to build up and if thing blows up, it won’t hurt as much. Actually I’m thinking of quitting and try to make my living the old fashioned way: Working

Thanks all for good insight,