Strategy Subscribers reviews

I think that subscribers’ reviews are important for prospective strategy customers.

I noticed that despite having a good number of subscribers to my strategy “ANTARES SP500”, last review by subsrcibers was 03/06/2017, more than seven months ago.
I see from C2 website review page there are few reviews for other C2 strategies as well.
I would love to read what other developers think about “dying” strategy reviews…

May be there was some changes in Collective2 policy about customer reviews?
I would be glad if my subscribers can have a chance to write a review about their experience with “ANTARES SP500”.

Thank you,
Paolo Geronazzo

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As a subscriber to several strategies, I get requests by C2 to write a review after only 7-10 days from subscribing, then (so far) never again. And there is no apparent way to write a review at any random time (ie. only when asked by C2). My recent restart at C2 has only been about 2.5 months so maybe they ask periodically and I just haven’t received second requests yet (writing a review after only a week is useless). But the whole process would obviously be a lot more useful if subscribers could write reviews at any time for any system. But, unfortunately, that is not the case and makes the Review links for each system of practically no use at all.

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed many subscribers complain about being asked to write a review after few days or weeks receiving the signals, That’s an old issue of C2 review policy.
Regarding subscribers being able to write reviews without being asked by C2, the motivation it is this way is because otherwise developers will push subscribers to write good reviews or worse developers’ friends will subscribe (maybe with free coupon) and then write wonderful reviews…

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