Subscribers receiving email late

This morning I had a stock sell order filled at 10:43, my email received this notification at 10:47, several my subscribers also reported they got email notification at 10:47, 4 minutes late.

It is normal or a bug?

Wang -

We don’t actually send fill notifications by email, unless there is a new signal accompanying it. The thinking is that, if you are trading a system, you know when the order has been filled. And email isn’t a great way to get timely info anyway.

On the other hand, our Instant Trade Messenger (ITM) does show fill notifications in real time (and even rings a little annoying bell on your computer). So if fill notifications are important to a subscriber, ITM is the way to go.

Hi, Matthew,

I meant a sell signal. I am not worried about fill notification. I just want my subscribers to know when I buy and when I sell.

This morning the sell signal was 4 minutes late.When I sent out sell order( it was a market order and got instant fill), my subscribers didn’t get the sell signal till 4 minutes later.

However, this afternoon I had a buy signal, which was instantly received by my subscribers via email.