C2 delays, temporary outage?

Hi all,

Since yesterday, serious delays in fill order confirmation occur with my 2 systems. I cannot know if order have been filled or not, if they are still open or closed.

No e-mails are send to subscribers no more.

Is it a temporary outage? Does anyone encounter the same problem?



There are two seperate issues here.

There was in fact an email problem between approximately midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning and 8:40 am on Thursday (Eastern Time), which prevented signal emails from being sent. Instant Trade Messenger still functioned fine. The email problem has now been resolved.

The other problem you mention is that you received slow fills for your trading systems. This is something I am working a lot on resolving. It will be helpful to me if you can send me a detailed email message when this happens going forward. In your email, please tell me the exact name of the trading system, and the exact signal which you feel is not filling quickly. I will check the server logs and try to solve the issue.



Fill order confirmation delay is ALWAYS there since I came to C2. Only market order is immediately confirmed. If it is a limit order, what I can do is try to cancel to see if it is filled or not.


I have had similar problems as Jerome since 2 days now and I have already sent you the information but I got no reply from you. These kind of problems are serious enough and costs all of us real money

Please try to resolve these problems and give us a feedback.

Thank you