Portfolio Builder

Please check out the new beta-test version of our Collective2 Portfolio Builder, reachable via the Find System menu (top of this page), or directly via this link:


As always, I welcome your feedback about this new feature - glowing, effusive praise most especially, although constructive criticism is okay too.


Great, I love C2 becouse is how the stock market.
C2 is a becoming, not a being.

Hi Matthew,

I really like this new feature (as well as the enlarged equity curves on the system pages – thanks!).

It does seem like there are a couple of glitches that need to be ironed out. I just put together a portfolio of 3 of the systems I trade to see how it looked:


You can see that there is a big 1-day jump of about $100K towards the end of 2012. None of these three systems have such a spike. I then left the page and came back to see if my portfolio was automatically saved. It was, but you can see that it increased the allocation of the first system from 33% to 333%:


Note that this produced a 2nd 1-day spike in the equity curve.

I think you are really close – keep up the great work!


One other quick suggestion I just thought of – make the equity curve taller like you did for the system pages. I think it makes it much easier to visualize the swings in value.


Great work Matthew! I agree with the comments Gary did. Thank you for these great improvements

Just thought of another nice enhancement to consider: Have the option to pre-load the portfolio with the user’s set of subscribed systems, and set the percentages based on their autotrading settings (or equally weighted if not autotrading)…