System description blank

Dear C2. For some reason the content of the system description is not displaying. I have resubmitted under the “edit system” tab, please can you look into. Thanks

The strategy description has to be checked for compliance with various regulations which is done by hamster and takes a while.

C2, can we get this updated please.

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Please can someone action this.

Hmm. Looks like what happened here is that you submitted completely blank text, which our compliance review team approved (blank text is completely unobjectionable, it seems).

I went back into the audit trail and found the text immediately before your blank text, and approved it just now.

thanks for that

ps why 20 character minimum?

Great sense of humor, the same kind of humor one can find in your superb book “Con Ed” (I truly enjoyed reading it) :grin:

Thanks, dude. Personally, my favorite book (by me) is No Way Back.

You are welcome. Just ordered No Way Back today (Barnes and Noble), cannot wait to read it too!

Thanks! Sounds like I just doubled my readership.

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Hahahahaha, good one Matthew :joy:

I’m not used to people being nice to me on these forums. I better close this thread before my head explodes. Thanks again.

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