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Looking at my system info, you guys have changed dashes into “14” 6 times in my long description . For some reason the formatting doesn’t work half the time in chrome creating one paragraph. Tired of my system looking sloppy because of some problem on c2’s side. Fix this.

I doubt being rude will get it fixed faster. Try some tact

Matthew -

Which of your five systems are you talking about?

And at which screen are you looking? (There are two places where system text is presented: one is the system details page and one is the little pop-up window that appears when you click a system on the Dashboard. On which of these is formatting ruined, and for which system?)

As an aside, it may be helpful to point out that in the past week I rewrote the text-submission routines so that formatting was preserved, and so that non-English-language characters were maintained. So if you haven’t re-edited and submitted your system text in the past 7 days, that may be the most expedient way to have your system description corrected.

Regardless, I can take a look, but I need to know specifically what you’re complaining about.

The Foundation

Keep going. Which window?

System Description on this page Thanks

Matthew -

I’ve looked in Chrome, and one version of IE and I don’t see anything obviously incorrect. What version number of which browser on which operating system are you looking at? It might help also if you could send me a screen shot of the offending text to matthew at collective2

I looked on the edit system details page and in the long description portion had changed double dashes into “14” for some reason. No worries, changed it back. Sorry for my frustration, but when the lack of formatting occurs (not currently, but I will send a screen shot when / if next time it does) my description is a block of tickers. Thanks