System flaming by system authors

I have been watching and playing various systems for a couple of weeks now and have found a lot of flaming by competing system providers. In some cases thier remarks are valid but a large portion lends me to believe that they are just trying to hurt a successful provider and steal some clients. Very few negative remarks against bad systems but ones that have a descent record ( maybe not perfect) they slam.

How about if admin. make providers stop slamming other systems and let the users do it. It would be much more honest and more what this site is supposed to be about.

Providers: Stop promoting your system on other providers’ area’s! I see a lot of unprofessionalism from this sites providers-- why would anyone want to buy a system from ones of these type of people?

Perfect your OWN systems, if it works-- they will come…

Sounds like a good policy to me.

I agree with your comments (one provider flaming another) but disagree with your remedy. I’d rather not turn MK into a moderator and force him into the position of trying to decern a constructive criticism from an unwarranted flame.

Like you, I would shun a provider that attacks another provider here and I imagine anyone that is going to put their own money on the line would do so as well. So system providers that choose to act poorly in these forums do so at their own peril. Sometimes providers are in the best position to critique other providers and if the interactiion is healthy (e.g. not meritless flaming) then it is something that I wouldnt want to stifle.

Yes, I have seen some legit questions from competing providers and I do appreciate good, honest questions-- my complaint is that there is WAY too much flaming for little reason. Legit questions are fine but unless a competitor actually tries out another’s system what real basis do they have for complaining or arguing?