System Reviews on C2

Invariably a streak of new positive reviews is followed by the collapse in performance of the provider - and why are new reviews being requested a few days after signing up with a provider? Clearly this needs to be revised - performance is self explanatory so why have them at all? C2 builds in so many other ratings such as ‘Heart attack index’ and it’s own C2 rating…and the best review of all is simply performance over time… on c2 anything younger than a year appears to be a big risk…


I agree.

Every time I subscribe to a new system, shortly there afterwards appears a pop up window on my Dashboard with the message “Please write a review” - this is just a nuisance.

Reviews are at best useless and at worst misleading preventing newbies to do their own research.


I’ve seen this before. 5 star reviews when system has big drawdown. The “safer” version is down over 30% this month alone. Not sure who would give 5 stars when their account is getting smashed.

Reviews should be removed completely. They serve no purpose. Let stats do the talking.


I think the ability to review is good, but is much more effective after a longer period. Reviewing a system after only a few weeks is troublesome because the reviewer is unlikely to have enough information to post a meaningful or comprehensive review at that time.