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1CMany years ago when I worked as a research director for one of the major Wall Street brokerage firms, one of my job responsibilities included evaluating commodity trading advisors (CTAs). One of the statistics that CTAs were required by the regulatory authorities to report was the percentage of client accounts that closed with a profit. I made the striking discovery that the majority of closed accounts showed a net loss for virtually all of the CTAs I reviewed 13 even those who had no losing years! The obvious implication was that investors were so bad in their investment entries and exits that most of them lost money 13 even when they chose a consistently winning CTA! This poor timing reflects the common investor tendency to commit to an investment after it has done well and to liquidate an investment after it has done poorly. Although these types of investment decisions may sound perfectly natural, even instinctive, they are also generally wrong. 1D
- ¬ Jack Schwager, 1CMarket Sense and Nonsense 1D

Thanks for the quote, GSP Trader, and to you too,T SH, for your guess regarding the 39,993 views.

Your quote and guess still do not change the facts of the low drawdown, low cost, high Calmar ratio, good profit factor, etc.

I will invest with confidence in systems, using the facts I find important, regardless the number of views and Mr. Schwager’s writings.


Sure just was commenting on the ranking issue , that’s not a guess , the default ranking on the grid is popularity , and 40k views for a new system like that one is just wrong , just compare with old systems .

By the way, could you tell me where you got this number from?

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OK, I am reading 40,006 now.
So what is your point?
Is there a financial meaning to this number?
Does it change the facts of low cost, low drawdown, high Calmar, high profit factor, etc?

Hi DS , my reply was to that post not yours :

“How can Gold Generator with only 18 trades and a low return percentage be number one on the futures grid?

L. Herbert”

The Schwwager quote was directed toward human nature, not any specific system. Personally, I like to see at least 100 trades, and that doesn’t mean 100 buys in a bull market.

Let me set the record straight.

The morning after L.Hebert’s post, GOLD GENERATOR was positioned steadily on the top the dashboard. In the afternoon, when I logged into C2, to read a pm from Mr. LA, I noticed that right next to my GOLD GENERATOR, there was a crashed system, called GOLD GENERATOR1.

Mr. LA had accused me of running up the views of his crashed systems, and therefore I had to face the consequences.
I wrote a post, addressed to Matthew Klein asking him to intervene, and, immediately, LA had renamed his GOLD GENERATOR1 to Nathan H.

I believe all the above mentioned posts are still there.
Therefore, the 40000 views of GOLD GENERATOR were run up by Mr. LA himself for his own purposes, like to put my GOLD GENERATOR next to his crashed GOLD GENERATOR1.
Later on that night, Mr. LA had sent me his pm of apology.
All copies of Mr. LA’s PM’s are available.

Enough said.
Nathan H.

Hi ,
What you are saying doesn’t make sense IMO , he cant generate 40K views for your system , it is simply a glitch hope MK solves this issue .
Are you running GG from a c2pro account ?

If LA can’t do it, neither can I.
And I am not running GOLD GENERATOR from C2 pro.
Nathan H.

No you can if you are running it from c2pro , thats why i asked , its a glitch most likely …

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
Nathan H.

Gold Generator…40k views and 0 auto traders .
A lot of the shena***ns have ended the last couple days.
Except now there are a couple more odd systems near the top of the grid.


And the Gold Generator developer self pump continues…

By this guy DS

And AGAIN …GOLD GENERATOR is the most viewed system…AMAZING!!!