A group of risky systems new in town buyer beware!

There is a new group of risky systems in town :

Wugot : A new over leveraged gold system with no experience in trading gold futures .

Golden outlook : A new over leveraged gold system with huge intra trade drawdowns up to 34% in a single trade .

Crazy options systems : Martingale options systems trading options near expiry averaging down excessively to reach profitability . Intra trade drawdown reached 65% in a single trade !!

The common theme with all these systems is that they are aiming for a very high win rate at all costs , its like they are going to get paid by their win rate which is the furthest from the truth .

Good Luck


Your arrogant and ignorant comment is still welcome in a world where every idea count. Your enemi can be used as a tool to push you to progress. Wugot is not going to disappear even after you and I die.I trade the system and I also sell it. I prepare group of traders who know how to use it and the company has long plan not for investors only, but for many across the world who are struggling financially.
You are right when it comes to futures experience since we have been trading gold since 2006 on CFD. We have online verified, third party similar to c2,track record of 96% win ratio on over 1300 trades and our experience is till bigger than that.
When you fail, do not hate others.
If you drive slow to get to your point, you may miss the show.
Some are risk takers, but many are not.
Some can trade , many can’t.
We are here to help people y if they want to.
I am confident that yu have no clue about wugot.

THS you misslead the public second time about my system so you probably very bored but even now you wrong about the facts:

DD of the first 1-2 months was high but with %800 return the risk of the system and my combined portfolio is 35% only.
everyone is smart enough to comsider to risk 1/3X for possible gains of 8X.

you didn’t bring any news to my followers

there always will be people who do thing and people who can’t do anything but to criticize others work.


I use somethimes average down when buying and selling but with big control on position size and my 80-85% win rate is the story - percfect timing and great macro amd micro view of stock and ETF in the market.
then i find the perfect option to buy.

Martingale is to gamble - i am trades that should waste somethimes my time to explain you
that my systems are on top in any risk-gains parameters!!.

you know this? you can admire this?

if funny to see person that see %800 gains and cry for the risk.
each person that subscribe here know well the hidden risk.
the problems is with systems that make 30-40% with same DD - not with this system

THS look like you have extra time so please try to build system - any systems that makes you happy ans less bothersome - annoying with no knowlege and respect.

TSH the party of 1000% gains will be without you
we don’t like people who destroy the fun of life

Crazy options systems are extremely risky with intra-trade draw downs of 30%-60% in single trades sometimes !

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The max draw down is always yet to come so to hang on previous few months max draw down is not reasonable …

I honestly like that line of yours but then i thought about it if you drive so fast you will never make it …

Yes options go an get even to zero !
Wow I am so amazed that you found DD of 50% in options. You see - you so smart and explore something new.
Life without your comment is boring and waste of time.

Yes some people bored and others followe to get 800% gains against 50% DD p. My systems are great so far and thank to promoting my systems. I should give you free coupon - you doing great job for me

Be less stupid if you say the truth:
"Crazy options are extremely risky but they give best gains in c2 planet to investors that want to risk their money as we see the in gains-pain ratio.

Them best parameter is sharpe ratio and even me THS -the zero skill person ( if I had some skill I would show my results…) - know that I can only in my dream get 800% gains …"

If your system is so great then how come you are not TOS certified and not trading it yourself? For sure you’d make way more money than a few subscribers paying a flat small fee. The most likely reason is that you know very well this technique will blow up and take the account to zero in the long term. We’ve seen this show before using the same martingale techniques on many other systems on C2 that have vanished along with all the subscribers bank accounts. If you get TOS certified I will eat all my words and may even join.

In few month I will have new system with new idea of risk control and it will be connect to one of my current account.

I will show my model there and it’s specially for scared people. It will be less risky and less gains

So you are scared to trade your own current systems …

So scare we can’t sleep at night
It’s time to show your results too

Hey guys I’m not here to argue or criticize anyone but I have to agree with TSH. Some of your results are phenomenal, but there is something called “margin calls”. Unless your subscribers are trading with all cash, there is no way to survive and come back and make those kind of gains in reality after dipping 40-50 percent of total equity. The trades would have been liquidated by the broker in reality. But then again, if your subscribers are trading with a non margin account(all cash), then by all means they can in reality sit thru those drawdowns and prevail and make the triple digit gains some of you are showing. Happy Trading fellas.

There is a saying “Eating your own dogfood” - using that term here at Collective2, for me it means I would never ever subscribe to a system here that the manager did not trade himself in a certified way.
I want him to feel the pain we feel, and I think the responsibility is greater should the manager have his own funds at risk.

And Tsvika Elberger, should you want to have more subscribers I think it would be prudent to tone down the aggresive tone, and respect that your systems can be critized with good reasons. Your large Drawdowns along the line, would have resulted in margin calls for some of your subscribers. I hope you find a way of controlling your risk, and if you stop calling people “scared” for adressing this issue, I am sure you will get some subscribers… and if you also start eating our own dogfood - then you will have a winner.