Systems with contradictory information

There are some systems with contradictory information, for instance: Inverterate 1 Day Only shows annual return 30,3 on the grid, while on its page statistics show 34,4% annual return compounded together with a row of bad monthly results: -7,5;-5,7;-6,6;-14,2;-27,3;-37,4;-28,6.

I have found more wrong information in several systems.

Does the grid, statistics and monthly results information come from different sources?

Can you fix it?

The 30.4 is annual return, not compounded. CAGR on The Grid shows 34.4%, same as on the system page. Where do you see the row of bad monthly results? The table on the system page is different from what you wrote.

After a reset both table of monthly results and chart are back to normality.

But those were the results I got from the system page.

Thank you Dean.

Ah, maybe you were seeing the "weekend effect"! From time to time the data feed C2 uses seems to go mad on a very small subset of data at the weekend which affects a small number of systems for a few days, until the data is corrected.

Thank you Dean, I am currently checking a lot of systems so I found this kind of bugs sometimes.

Right now I am trying to see an answer to a question I wrote in the Youtualfunds forum, but all a get is a jump to this page.