The Grid


How is it that [LINKSYSTEM_30447064] sports a 380.4% Annual return (see Grid)? This stat seems to have been reported exorbitantly high for a very long time.

My calculations come way short of this.


Quite so, the Grid is wrong. If you look at the system description page in the stats it is 180.2%

Another example of something fishy going on with The Grid is that my first system [LINKSYSTEM_46561754] never appears in any Grid search, even if I select “All Systems” and filter by name. Granted, it is still very new but my other two systems do appear even though they’re even newer!

Being a relatively new subscriber, and as a software engineer myself, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that on the whole I am very impressed with Collective 2 - it looks great, is structured very well, works well (most of the time!) and is a super idea.

The difference between returns is because one is compounded, the other is not.

And to get on the grid a system must have had 6 trades.

Maybe I am wrong, but I do not see a 52-week, 380.4% "Annual return":


We are talking about the difference between the annualised return on the system page and the one in the grid, one is compounded, the other isn’t.

Ah, I see. Thx for the explanations.