Tactical High Yield - New Trading Strategy

Hello C2 Community. I am excited to offer a new trading system available for subscription.

The strategy is titled ‘Tactical High Yield’ and I will provide a description below. My co-portfolio manager and I are professional traders, with a extreme commitment to customer service. Please message me here on C2, or for faster response email me directly (WilliamsEquityManagement@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

Tactical High Yield - Description:

This portfolio has been developed over the last five years through ongoing collaboration between two individuals with significant experience in the financial sector and managing money. The co-portfolio managers have personal money in similar portfolios they 19ve constructed. The managers began their careers as securities traders at the same hedge fund in Austin, Texas and now work at a top ten broker/dealer as an alternative investments analyst and general investment and portfolio consultant for fee based financial advisors. One portfolio manager has a BS in Finance from Texas State and several securities licenses; the other has a BA in Economics and an MS concentrated in Petroleum Engineering, both from the University of Texas Austin, along with several securities licenses. The managers conduct research independently and jointly before determining the best strategies based on available capital and the portfolio’s existing allocations, risk, and yield. The managers usually discuss strategy and portfolio optimization multiple times per week.

The Tactical High Income portfolio focuses on high current income with a tilt toward special situations and finding value across both common and preferred equity. Moderate capital gains derived through taking advantage of volatility, special situations, and disciplined entry and exit prices is also a secondary objective of the fund. The fully allocated portfolio will generally, but is not guaranteed, to have (i) long only positions (ii) no more than 15% in a single security (iii) a yield target of >10% and minimum yield of 6% (iv) a cash allocation of 5-15% (v) and lower volatility than the U.S. equity markets. The managers are cognizant of tax issues such as the consequences of including a master limited partnership (MLP) in the portfolio, harvesting short term gains, and taxes payable to foreign governments, among other considerations.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to doing business with you.

Brett Williams