"Texas Doubledown" System - up 7% 1st day

Hello C2 community. I just launched my proprietary trading system “Texas doubledown” for the community to follow, and profit from. This system is based on me and another traders collaboration to create a sustainable, long-term alpha rich equity trading program. For this system, we focus on liquid stocks that can be bought and sold with market orders, making it easy for autotrading applications and to prevent order slippage, as well as to provide ‘reality’ as far as the performance reporting and scalability goes.

I will be incorporating a blend of short and long term trading, to provide smooth, and consistent returns for this portfolio. I am offering a 14 day free trial, and only $49 monthly to get access to this proprietary trading system.

My first day running “Texas doubledown”, I ended the day up over 7% on a $100,000 account, closing out 12 profitable trades, with 0 losing trades. This was while only using around a third of the total capital available in the account.

My partner and I have an extensive background trading financial markets and investing for the long run. We originally met working at a hedge fund as proprietary equity traders. We have both held various positions with large financial institutions, and have continued to improve our trading strategies over the past decade. My partner has obtained his MBA in Energy Resources from a top business school, and has earned his CFA designation. We both currently are employed by a top 10 broker dealer, performing important roles for the firm.

You will notice if you follow ‘Texas Doubledown’, that we will be trading energy names quite frequently, as we can maximize returns by running our strategy with a ‘focus group’ of firms we have studied for many years in great detail, from breaking down balance sheet metrics to speaking with Investor Relations staff on the phone for many hours.

We know from experience the value we are offering to the C2 community. This is the same type of system that our previous hedge fund would allocate millions of dollars toward.

Start your free trial now. These next couple months are setting up to be prime trading opportunities according to our indicators.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my system. It’s time to join up with the Texas boys, the money train is leaving the station and you’re not going to want to miss the fun.

Thank you for your time.