Subscribe to all 3 of my trading systems

And I will make allowances for a special discounted price.

Two of the three systems are essentially ‘new’, with only ‘Texas Doubledown’ having a full month of stats…

These systems are all very different and offer varying degrees of volatility, but I am supremely confident they will all prove their merit given due time.

Why not get in on the ground level, when I am willing to negotiate a special ‘3 for 1’ price?

Below is an oversimplified explanation:

  1. Texas Doubledown - Primary goal of ‘long term total return’ while minimizing volatility is a secondary goal.

  2. Large Hadron Collider - Primary goal of ‘Aggressive Long Term Returns’. This will be the most volatile of the group and maximum profit is the sole focus.

  3. Tactical High Yield - Seeks high current yield instruments with the potential for significant capital gains. Will invest in a blend of preferred and common stocks with minimal turn over and a primary focus of minimizing volatility while providing high current income. This will be the most conservative of the 3 funds.

Make me a reasonable offer, and it will be entertained.

PS… A purely mechanical system is under development that I am very excited about… Stay Tuned…