The Beatles

anybody have any opinions, suggestions and comments regarding the system The Beatles



Just looked at it. Good win percentage, very good Sharpe ratio and Profit Factor. My only constructive feedback is that your trial period of only 1 day seems awfully short, and should be longer.

It s a very good System, i think one of the best here on C2

When you like to “risk” a little bit more and maybe perform much better then you can look also at the system


Would agree with that. Other cons are only 40 trades over a 6 months period, where market conditions have been very similar. Other pros are developer has other system doing well and has some live subscribers. Like all spx systems, the real test will be when this bull market ends, which it will do at some point, and markets will trade very differently to now. Regards[LINKSYSTEM_77924409]

Be careful with this strategy. The creator also had Viper and win-no-limit. Both we’re doing good until a couple of trades turned south and no stops we’re put in. You can see there charts. I got caught in both. DIAMANT may control the risk better on the down side, but you might want to place your own stop as a precaution. The system does scalp DAX nicely. Also, make sure you have at least 30k use to start. DAX isn’t cheap :slight_smile: