Anyone using Turbo Trader?


I like the look of this system as it has a defined risk per trade and trades only one active lot[s] at a time so it’s not too hard to manage. AND the developer has included a cost for slippage and commissions

Does anyone have any experience/feedback on it?

I have been paper trading this system on stratagy runner. The results posted are pretty much accuate. I started live trading on a real account yesterday. It did well. I believe the given amount needed to trate one contract is too conservitive. C2 has $10000 minimum. I believe $6500 will do fine. I like how the system exits daily and has stop losses.

Thanks, Steven. That’s encouraging.

I think you’re right about $6,500 per contract as with the defined loss it means risking only about 5% per trade and that is a level that is recommended as good and sensible from my reading [eg. Larry Williams]

I’m going to sign up for the demo trial in a few days when i’ve set up a new trading account. Please post any ongoing thoughts here. I’ll do the same once I get going.

check out for more performance history and info on the system.