"The Grid" doesn't work properly

Hello C2 folks,

Why does “Find Strategy -> The Grid” doesn’t work properly from time to time. Even though I clear all filters, and thereafter I select some custom filter it doesn’t give the exact ordering of systems. It hides some systems from the default view even though you can find those systems from “Name” filter.

Is it an exception or there’s some new default setting in “The Grid” filtering out some of the systems.

For example my system “HistoryRepeatsItself” is currently ranks 1st in the “Last 180 Days” return but it doesn’t show my system instead it gives the attached output. Last night (Turkey local time) it was giving the right ranking. What’s the cause of the problem?

There doesn’t seem to be a problem at this time. I just tested, and (after clearing all other filters) the strategy was at the top of the Grid. Maybe it was a transient problem.

@MatthewKlein Hello, yes. It is currently working as expected but I’m quite sure sometimes- even very rare- “The Grid” can output incorrect queries. Just wanted to point out, thank you for your concern.

Goblins, no doubt about it.

@v1Trader I thought so :+1: