The Grid


FYI - when screening through "The Grid", pages are being left out. Click the boxes down below Box 1: 1-12, Box 2: 31-42 (skipped 13-30).




I’m guessing it’s supposed to work that way when the number of systems on the list is too long, to avoid having too many boxes. When the list is shorter, they don’t skip. In any case, you can move page-by-page by clicking “next” or “previous”.

Right. The theory being that - as the system list grows longer - we can’t have an infinitely large series of navigational boxes running across the bottom of the screen. We can’t all afford Apple Cinema monitors, after all. Rather, each box takes you to the top of a decile (or whatever the actual fraction is) within the list.

I get around the 'bug" by going to the url and typing in “20”, “30” in place of “60” when I want to see the next (decile?) series of ~12 systems in the list.