MK: Comments on “the Grid”

  1. When I sort the grid, and click on the magnifying glass to look at a system page, and return, my sort is lost. Then I need to start over.

    2) The column sorting arrows are not intuitive. The up and down arrows do not make it apparent to me about whether I am sorting ascending or descending. And somehow it seems when you use the sorting arrows a couple times in row, the results do not jibe with expectations

3) How do I sort by one column, and then another? For example, I want to see columns in ascending ProfitFactor order, then sort on the top 100 systems’ Sharpe Ratios?

4) If there are 2800+ systems on C2, why less than 500 in Grid? Are these the ones that have recently been active? Are you just starting with a subset???

5) What determines the default view when the Grid first appears?

6) After working on grid for a little while, some rows became red??? And then went back to green
Previously visited or something??? Problem is, that red usually means loss and green usually means win (eg, candlestick charts). So looking at red numbers, my mind is trying to say “loss” but it has a positive value! At least change the red rows to black

Your comments are on the mark. I will try to address them soon. I know users don’t care about the technology behind the scenes, but I tried a little experiment with The Grid – offloading most of the sorting and filtering to client-side javascript, rather than the Web server. The idea was that it would be more responsive and easier to use, and also take a load off the site. The downside is that it has all the quirks you mention: it loses “state information” when you leave the page (fixable). Formatting is funky (fixable). Etc.

Anyway, I’ll try to address those issues as I upgrade the software. Regarding the number of systems: I automatically apply an “activity” filter to systems that seem abandoned by their owners. I figure no one cares or wants to subscribe to a system which will not be generating signals.


"I figure no one cares or wants to subscribe to a system which will not be generating signals. "


FWIW, my system is very much alive, but was not listed in The Grid until I mentioned that it should be. I expect that this is because it trades very slowly compared to most other systems on C2.

the workaround to #1 is right click the magnifying glass and open in a new window…that way you don’t mess up the sort

: )

and what is the workaround to finding a consistently profitable C2 commodities/index system that works, works longterm, has relatively decent growth curve, and is free of hocus-pocus? :wink: