The Lesser of Two Evils

As Americans today is a very important day, as midterm elections come to an end, so do many politicians dreams for change. The social issues that most Americans vote on, or are concerned about are the least important to the masses. I am not saying that gay rights and abortion are not worth campaigning and voting for. This year you may want to hold back your own personal donkey vs. elephant emotions, because how the FED is run, is on our table for a vote, this could be the most important issue we face historically. Could the FED and its interest rates be run by congress for the first time in history?
This is what people should be worried about, if you have money in a bank, these issues should be what your main focus is on. That the interest rate polices would no longer be controlled by the FED. These issues are huge; in fact, this election is the first time we have seen members of the GOP issue bills like this. Even when a bill to audit the FED was introduced 2012. We saw what challenging the FED did to Ron Paul. The FED is running our economy, so lets put aside our emotions about these social issues and understand what is really on the ballot here, the less active the FED is the much stronger the USD is. We are seeing this now, the USD is on a four year high, this is because of many factors. A few of those factors are the announcements about what is happening with the FED and its decisions to end QE. The negative interest in Europe and now this legislation challenging the FED, we see the USD rising with people’s new sense of security in the market and economy.
The outcome of this election, which if the GOP takes the office, the FED will have to answer to someone, means its days of control will be limited. The GOP has yet to control the senate since the 2008 crash. That does not say too much, since the democrats have been in control we are also massively in debt, even though we also have not seen a crash like that since. For any group to change the position of the fed, it could be a potentially suicidal situation. If the FED raises the Federal funds rate this would destabilize the economy all the leverage and carry trades unwind, the stock marked sells off, because of leverage the prices would crash. On the other hand, spending money is the power congress has. Lowering interest expanse, congress is empowered to spend more created and taxed dollars by the trillions. It is kind of a lose-lose situation.
Elections should be a way to win and make changes without a fight or war, yet who can win when our leaders are lawless and we can only choose between the lesser evil. If you look at past elections and the puppets that America has, all of our presidents since Kennedy have been CIA run. Regan just read the teleprompter, Bush… need I even comment, even Obama who I was all for until I looked at the facts. Throw an election where we have someone like Putin up on the stage, no writers or hands in his pockets, just someone fighting and believing in us, in our country, not for all the corrupt aspects of money.
As an American, I do pride myself on freedoms that we have, everything from choice to ability. However, there is a major price in this delusion, because we are brainwashed daily, media forces our belief system and desensitizes our souls. Hear no evil, see no evil is how we view the world. Even though we think we are free and that our votes are worth something, it is all a dream in a very corrupt world. Once we all wake up and see what is really happening, I do not mean your status on face book, we may really make a change for ourselves and nation.

Hello Adrienne,

It’s very uplifting to read your intelligent and coherent take on the Fed and our money, your belief system and the corrupt and brainwashing world we live in. I not at all a negative person, could sound like that from my first sentence, but i am a realist with my eyes open, and I’m not willing to compromise on common sense and sanity. I agree on every point you wrote, and that rarely happens to me. The more I read, the more I enjoyed it. Glad to come across a kindred spirit.

By the way, to change the subject, I’m hunting for an EA that consistently makes money. From my research so far, my take on EAs is that they seem to work for a while and if not frequently adjusted by their creators in the parameters and possibly even in the pairs traded, the EA is not adjusted to changing market conditions and eventually goes from good results to bad. Back tested results is one thing, but an EA that is constantly adjusted to changing market conditions, and thus stays profitable, is an entirely different story. Can you help?