Green-spun out of control

1CGold and economic freedom are inseparable 1D-Alan Greenspan

Let us just say that economic growth falters or asset prices start to fall, then what? What will happen to the market? Would the FED just start printing away? The end of QE and the bond purchasing program not only drops the bond markets and overvalued stocks, it makes silver and gold look extremely bearish. Many factors could be playing into this with the Swiss Gold Initiative, Ebola, fear and other geopolitical concerns. All of these affect the market in an odd way since we see a huge demand for gold, yet the price is falling with demand growing, it hardly seems right. The analysts will do the blame game, and try to make sense out of it, who better to blame but the FED. Especially convenient when past members of the FED are blaming the system that they created or put in place.
Greenspan stated that the FED 19s balance sheet 1Cis just a pile of tinder 1D and gold is a good place to invest, because he feels it will rise 1Cmeasurably 1D in the next five years. After 19 years at the FED, seems odd that he would slander the way they have been handling things, even with his successor Bernanke still in power, yet he said the FED 1Cfell short of its goals 1D when it came to economic growth and unemployment.
Alan had been on or near wall street since the 40s and knows his way around money and economics. During his time with the FED he used standard Taylor rule of economics, that every percent that inflation rises, the central bank should raise interest. This was not the view or beliefs Alan had from the 1960s. Greenspan seemed to have been a huge advocate for gold, in fact he published an article on Gold and Economic Freedom in 1966. Some of his statements in it are jaw dropping knowing now what he has done while in the FED, saying gold was a great way to save your money and was pumping up the gold standard. Just like what he is stating now, yet in 1966 gold was $35 an once.
This was of course before he was a member of the FED or a consultant for President Ford, Bush and Regan. At this time his job and focus was being an economic consultant for his own company, backed by beliefs non-existent of his time in the FED. From 1987 to 2005 Alan did not partake in any broadcast interviews unlike Bernanke his successor who makes regular public statements trying to gain assurance of the media and people, trying to gain transparency instead of the secretive past of the FED. Greenspan before and while serving in the FED was also Director of Foreign Relations and served as director of huge corporations like JP Morgan, Mobil General Foods and many more. He even assisted Nixon as coordinator on domestic policy. Alan was regarded like a rock star to politicians and the financial world, until some bad calls were made, then the subprime mortgage crises that tarnished his reputation.
What is Alan really saying that you have less than five years before the market collapses, so you are welcome for the QE handout, now move over to gold? Greenspan may be feeling guilty for the years he helped drain the money supply; he now is on a buy gold campaign when he is clearly a monetarist. He is a major manipulator and is a key player in where we are today and 4 trillion dollars in debt. Now he goes back after all we have suffered though, as if we do not know that PMs are a way to insure our money. Is he just talking to the elite, because he knew the way to grow the economy in 1966 and did a 180 turn. What is really happening here is major market manipulations; they sell paper gold from $1300 down to $1200. Manipulators are then guaranteed volume to be able to buy at traders stops. Then they buy back positions at $1200 (if they can see the order books) then make money again when it rebounds, voila.