The system (meaning collective2 itself) mistake

Hi all . It seams to me the system has mistakenly executed what I never ordered - closed the deal by limit , though I never specified the limit. Anyone occurred the same ? [LINKSYSTEM_69201846]

Sergey -

I have looked at this and don’t see anything wrong.

You did enter a profit target of 20.2. When you have a long position and you specify a profit target, that effectively means you want a SELL LIMIT. Thus, you created a SELL LIMIT 20.20, which was conditional on your long entry.

So: You filled the SELL LIMIT at 20.67. You opened the trade at 20.86.

You received these two prices (20.67, 20.86) because you have a real-life AutoTrader who filled at those prices, and C2 will always adjust prices so that they are based on real-life brokerage fills.


No I didn’t. I haven’t entered the profit target. Its hard to argue with no evidence but you’re telling me I am completely mad. And I am not. Your system has a bug .I am sure of it.

As for the second issue could you provide any broker’s data with such a ridiculous situation - two different prices at the same moment.

I’m not saying you’re completely mad. I will say that at 9:02:00 ET you submitted an order to BTO 50 MRTN at market, with the text “Stilf” as your trade comment, and a profit target of “20.2”.

As far as your subscriber’s real-life fills, you can see the AutoTrade report when you click on each signal in question. Your subscriber is using a Gen1 AutoTrade program, which means there can be delays in fills and in reporting those fills, which introduces some, uh, peculiarities in the data, but U.S. regulators require that we use these fills if available. I’m not saying it’s the best solution, or that it always provides the most relevant data, but we try to do what regulators want.

Maybe we should take this conversation offline and use email for further conversations about this particular matter.



What logic do you suppose I had behind the BTO @20.86 fill and limit @2.2?

I am still sure your system has a bug. I will take the issue to my customers and recommend them not to use automated trades as they may occur other similar bugs and losses , consequently.