Serious mistake: 2688$ loss

Collective2 has a serious problem.

On our system 19786947. We passed on date 5/19/06 8:03 an order buy to open at 111.65.

With the same order ,we passed an order connected (auto target and stop) where for a mistake the stop profit was at 110.65 instead of 112.65.

The operation should so be opened and closed at 111.65, due to the pending mistake.

The computer executed the order buy to open with trade filled at 111.65 (5/19/06 8:03)

After a minute the computer executed the limit 110.65 with trade filled at 110.65 (5/19/06 8:04)

Clearly this is wrong.

This has a cost of $2.688!

We are waiting suddenly for the correction. Thanks