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Thinkorswim autotrading

Any update on hooking up with Thinkorswim for autotrading?

maybe just TD Ameritrade regular trading platform if Thinkorswim is not compatable?

ToS does not provide any programatically access to necessary data, like orders, order status events, account positions etc through their scripting language.

Their new API must be investigated, but that is for end user (account holders) only, so a client side plugin / app is inevitable.

Would be great to add TD (ToS) at least to PlatformTransmit service, I will work on that.


Any update to above? Is the platformTransmit service working with Ameritrade now? Please advise.

I have python code for algorithmic trading via Ameritrade’s retail API. There institutional side has API access as well, but is much more difficult to obtain access. Using the retail API I’m able to place any type of trade, query positions and balances, etc. It shouldn’t be too difficult for C2 to enable this feature at least for retail accounts. Institutional is a different story. Also, I’d be happy to share the code with anyone interested, just drop me a line.
Tony Roylance

Yes, obviously we would love to work with Ameritrade. The problem is that Ameritrade would not obviously love to work with Collective2.

More specifically: we are unable to connect to Ameritrade’s API, even on behalf of its customers, without AMTD’s permission.

For what it’s worth, we’ve been hocking them for about 15 years, and so far the response has been (I paraphrase): “Go away.” But it’s a new decade, and so who knows.



P.S. We will continue to pursue this, and I promise to let you know when we have success.

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Too bad. Somehow I imagine that if the Schwab purchase goes through they won’t be any different.

Talking to the Ameritrade institutional API guy he said his job is safe for the time being because Schwab’s API isn’t nearly as robust. Hopefully, they’ll play nice with C2. Thanks for the update Matthew!

love to take a look at the code you have with TD API… tried to use other python tool like ibridgepy. doesn’t work as expected

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