Improve Collective2 - TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim platform addition

Just curious if there are plans to get TD Ameritrade supported?

I’ve been discussing this with Matthew and with TD Ameritrade for years.

Most recently, I had a conversation with them about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, they have no interest in setting up autotrading with C2.


Thats unfortunate, it’s a very powerful platform and I really don’t feel like switching, the problem then comes to it not becoming a TOS system.

Maybe Collective2 can implement another method for those that use a unsupported broker?

Very good question!

Think or Swim is one of the best platforms on the market. Depending on the demand, we can consider connecting to it, if technically or programatically possible (access of orders, accounts, positions, etc.)

It is one of the top platforms in my “Which platform to connect next” list :slight_smile:

However, there is no decision yet… I will keep the community informed!

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AutoTrading, BrokerTransmit is a very different technology from PlatformTransmit. TD API is “not ready”, we are waiting for their new framework in order to consider AT, BT seriously.

But a new ToS platform connector maybe can be done sooner, however not any easy development… I definitely will discuss internally again.

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To follow-up on Lorant’s comments, support for Think or Swim (ToS) as a C2 'Platform Transmit" connection may be possible, and is on our roadmap, Of note, however, Platform Transmit is not a true broker connection, simply a means of capturing orders from ToS so it will not qualify for the C2 TOS, Trades Own Strategy designation, if and when it is available. So ToS would not be TOS.

There may be a wrinkle in the equation soon though as we are working on a ‘Broker Import’ feature that will include TD Ameritrade along with a service that could send C2 signals to a TD Trade Desk, effectively providing AutoTrading with human intervention. Stay tuned.

For both of these potential developments, the impact is only on the Trade Leader side. TD Ameritrate support for true C2 real-time, client AutoTrading, emphasis on the Auto, of C2 strategies, is very unlikely.

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I’m with you guys, if they had thinkorswim, I would do a TOS system. IB software sucks!