Thoughts on ExtremeOS, CoinCollector and TB

Extreme OS looks good but you must factor in slippage of 5-20cents per trade and both sides, even using Autotrader. I have been trading it for about two months and this is what I have noticed. ExtremeOS also very often has big intra trade drawdowns. What I mean is you buy a stock and very often you are down in that trade by several thousand dollars. Often they come around to be profitable or recoup some of the loss but you must be patient. CoinCollector, which is a scalping system, fudges fills. It buys ES at the bid and sells at the ask which as we all know in the real world is next to imposssible. This will effect the real world results significantly. CoinCollector has reversed while you in the real world are still waiting for a fill. Next thing you know, new orders are coming through telling you where to get long and you already are from the previous trade, but Coin has reversed while you were waiting for a fill. Lastly, I have used TB on Extreme, FuturePro and CoinCollector and unfortunately it is not something you can rely on. 75% of the time it works fine, the rest of the time it misses orders entirely, rejects them, changes quantites, who knows, etc. You have to watch every trade closely.

Steve, thank you for sharing those comments about these 3 systems. We definitely need more feedback/discussion here at C2. I don’t know if its this dorky/painful forum interface that keeps people from posting or what but it seems like there should be much more chatter/shared experiences which everyone would benefit from (maybe those who are doing well want to keep what they are doing a secret…hmmm)

Regarding your intratrade drawdown comment about ExtremeOS, I agree wholeheartedly - I asked MK to include intratrade drawdown dollar amounts in the position details for all trades last week but did not get back any response. Again I think it is critical to put that information out there up-front so a prospective client can see it when evaluating a system.

I am working on a series of new analysis features which will be released in the next few weeks. Intraday trade drawdown is one. Real-life AutoTrade slippage is another. Just hang in there. You’ll be seeing some major new features soon.

Thanks for that response Matthew - I believe I can speak for the faithful around here that knowing that you are working on solutions and improvements is what keeps us hanging in there.


Thank you MK. Just letting us know that you are working on it helps a great deal.

More thoughts…I just cancelled Coin Collector, I just can’t live with fudged trades, that means the entire track record is false so I have nothing to base any confidence on. ExtremeOS, since it is a buy stock system, does far better in up markets than down. It is getting killed right now in this correction. Just cancelled Future Prop as well, developer states it is in development still so I am not interested.

Extreme-os, even though it is a long only system, does not do “far better in up markets than down”. The system tends to emerge up nicely from market corrections. In bear markets, there are more plays, and with stock’s tendency to bounce from weakness, the system will mostly end up profitable.

In bull market, the system will still be profitable, but because of limited plays and the system not fully invested, it will not be as profitable as breakout type systems.

The system’s weakness mainly is due to the occasional negative warnings or downgrades which can send a stock down sharply.


I respectfully disagree, when the market drops, this systems gets KILLED.

Hello Mathew,

That sounds great.

Really looking forward to it.