Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has used the extreme-os system. I’m thinking of subscribing but I’d like to know if the results can be achieved in real trading. Thanks

You may want to take a look at some posts by subscribers on this system in the Subscriber’s Corner Forum.

If you try this system, autotrade it. I am just one data point but have posted detailed results here for manually trading the system with a 10-15s delay between receiving an ITM signal and getting the trade entereed into a Scottrade account, and could not reproduce the C2 results due to missed fills on tight limit orders.

I ended up about flat over the period (slight loss not counting commissions) vs. a 6% gain on C2 over the same period (45 consecutive trades, all attempted). However, autotrading it may very well work as there doesn’t seem to be anything “fake” about the system. I just could not hit the limit orders on enough of the winning trades with the 10-15s delays on getting the orders in. I did get filled on all of the losing trades since they buy oversold stocks, and those that keep going down after a buy signal are always filled of course.