Tick level data feeds - prices, ideas

Any recommendations for tick level datafeed providers (stocks, futures) and rough idea of the pricing and delivery method? I know the DTN satellite feed is reasonably priced, but I think there is a chance that you will miss ticks here and there with that (don’t think they republish them on that service either).

I’m interested in monitoring and research on roughly 700 symbols using 1 second bars. I’ve got a about 20 decently configured computers that I can use for this project.

With that kind of project size, I’d say go for the best data, not the cheapest.

Yep… not looking for cheapest exactly (or I’d probably go with the sat feed), but the price ranges on tick level fees can range from reasonable to ridiculous. Hoping to find a couple in the reasonable range so that I can have a backup data source live as well.