Reliable Forex rates feed

Hi all,

I’m attempting to find a reliable Forex rates feed. I’ve mostly found subscription services upwards of $100/mo., which is fine for production, but I’m trying to develop some trading logic based around this input. I see Collective2 displays rapidly updated Forex rates on the trade blotter, and it’d be rad to interface with a slower subset of those real-time numbers. I haven’t found any c2 api documentation that addresses this need.

I’d appreciate any in-house or 3rd-party suggestions!


What exactly do you need? Do you trade big movements? Bigger time frames or < 60 minutes?

Many times the free data sets are indicative data which is somewhat like the average of many forex brokers quotes since all retailbrokers are ‘free’ to quote a pair as they like.

Indicative data can be good despite the warnings. Many traders will warn you for this sorth of data but it all depends on your trading strategy and time frame. You could add an individual extra slippage penalty in your trading strategy for each pair. Indeed, indicative data for some reason in my backtests always gave better results…

You’ll find tons of indicative data on the net that are useful (you might want to create an extra average of the average OHLC quotes from 3 or more sets of data)

But if you are a ‘pip counter’ (very short time frames) you’ll need to pick a broker and create and trade the strategy with that broker, period. (C2 has FXCM for example). Sign up for a live account and you can backfill your database with up to a couple of thousand bars I believe (depending on the timeframe again)