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Hello fellow traders and welcome to my trading strategy “Top Tier FX”. This strategy represents more than 14 years trading currencies. An immense amount of work has gone into this strategy. A culmination of having traded hundreds of different strategies using many techniques, and working at both the Chicago Board of Trade & Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
I invite you to subscribe to auto-trade or receive signals using my offering of a free 30 day subscription. After becoming acclimated to the system, you can then follow in a live account for $125 a month. On a $100k account which I recommend, this is a 1.5% management fee, which is the universal average for a managed account (with a fraction of the draw down and much higher annual return). Along with your subscription, you will have direct phone support to me and my team.
You can feel confident that the safety of your capital will be allocated to different currency pairs using the utmost diligence, experience and respect to your hard earned savings.

Thank you, Chaney FX

“Thrive where others perish”
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I would like to thank the people who subscribed earlier this week and would like to extend the invitation to any others who have been interested in my Top Tier FX strategy. In about 5 hours I will be closing the open positions and will be entering new positions. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to subscribe and be positioned early for the upcoming swings.
Feel free to click on the blue highlighted link above to review the statistics associated with this and my other strategies (located via Chaney FX profile link). When you feel comfortable, then subscribe to Top Tier FX.

Again thank you for your time, have a great day!
Chaney FX

To my auto-trade subscribers, I hope you are enjoying this gain that currently sits at +0.61% We had opened a Gbp/chf short position, but parameters had changed and that position was closed at about a +0.05% gain. In less than 8 hours Bank of Japan releases a policy statement and Governor Kuroda is giving a press conference, which hopefully will further propel our Gbp/jpy long position upwards. For those interested in my Top Tier FX strategy, please click on the blue link located in the first post and from there you can join the other subscribers in holding profitable foreign currency trades.
Hope to hear from you soon, thanks
Chaney FX Trading

It’s been quite a ride the past 24 hours! Our position has oscillated from our first posted high of +0.61% down to -1.03%, then up to make a new high of +1.17% and currently sits around the +0.40% area. Still feeling pretty good about this position, I think it ‘washed’ out any short traders out there and think it could go back up to test the 181 resistance. I don’t see any more data being released for Gbp or Jpy in the coming days, so hopefully we’ll keep this trajectory and keep moving up.
Once again would like to thank my subscribers for there patience and I’ll see you on the other side!!
Thank you,
Chaney FX Trading

Hi Paul,
Congratulation to your early success with this new system but can you please explain why you did not incorporate this strategy into one or both of your existing systems.

Hello Karl, thank you for the compliment. Yes I can answer your question, it is a new strategy and I didn’t think it was a fair assessment of the strategy if I would have just picked one of my strategies with the highest gains and used that to ‘boost’ start the new strategy. If I was paying someone, I wouldn’t like it if they suddenly changed how the positions were managed. Mostly I did it out of personal integrity, a second reason is I believe this new strategy is going to have a much lower draw down, with a higher percentage of gains. I am going to close the Medial & Low risk strategies, but will continue to make trades in them until the fees I paid to showcase them end.
Hope this answered your question, if you have any others please ask.

Thank you.

I would like to give a warm welcome to another subscriber that signed up yesterday, thank you for your confidence in me. To any others who are planning to subscribe or have been looking over the statistics, this is a great time to sign up for the auto-trading, if parameters continue to be met I will be exiting the current position and entering new ones in about 1 hour.
Our Gbp/Jpy long position we have been holding is up about +0.36%, it will probably hold around this price since volume is dying down.
Please see my Top Tier Fx strategy link located in the first post if you are interested subscribing.
Have a great weekend, Chaney FX Trading

Now is a perfect time to start auto trading this strategy! Adding new positions in the next hour, if you subscribe now you still have time to pick it up.

Once again we have come to that magical time where I shamelessly promote myself! If you have yet to subscribe and have been interested in my TopTier FX strategy, I have just entered the following positions. Sold Gbp/chf & Nzd/usd, and have bought Usd/chf.
Please visit my statistics dashboard using the blue link, from there you can access all statistics associated with my strategies.
Thank you for your time,
Chaney FX Trading.

Hello fellow traders, I would like to personally invite you to subscribe to my Top Tier FX trade strategy. If you have not already visited my page and would like to, please do so by following the blue link below. From there you can see all the statistics related to the strategy and if you like it, you can then demo auto-trade it free for the first 30 days.
Thank you for your time and have a great day,
Chaney FX Trading

Today is a great time to subscribe to my ‘Top Tier FX’ strategy! Accumulated return is currently +7.6% and we are holding Eur/chf short, that is showing a +0.47% gain. If interested, please visit my page using the link below. If you subscribe today, you will be positioned early to have your account auto-traded in the next round of trades.
Have a good day, Chaney FX

If you are looking for a strategy with low draw down and consistent returns, please take a look at ‘Top Tier FX’. Using the filters of an annual return of at least 25% and Collective2 minimum of 30 days to show up on the grid, ‘Top Tier FX’ is ranked #1 by lowest draw down.

Update to our Eur/chf position. Price has moved in our direction about 0.70%, give or take a couple points based on whether one is auto-trading or receiving message alerts.
Have a good day,
Chaney FX

Top Tier FX auto-trade link.

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Looks like we are going to be closing out the Eur/chf short position with a gain of about +0.93%. If you have yet to check out “Top Tier FX” and are interested in linking to an auto-trading strategy, please do so using the blue link below.
Thank you and have a great day!
Chaney FX Trading
“Thrive where others perish”

Top Tier FX auto-trade link.

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