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TOS FREE Profitable VIX System profited Feb Blowup 50%+


Few more trades and should be TOS certified, still working on the validity of an SVXY version, and will also be releasing a Bond strategy in the future that’s been backtested since 1985 and survived everything.


I was only trading it on paper. I would never trade an untested strategy that doesn’t have at least 6 months of performance and trade data.


I sent out a message about resetting the strategy due to technical issues that some trades weren’t going through, wanted it to match correctly plus a few days of no trades when i originally started it, but after further investigation the process seems confusing annoying with stopping my whole algorithm that’s automated closing all positions, starting it again, might not be worth the hassle. Feel free to re-subscribe again, no positions have changed.


Going to stop sharing strategy on here, the system is working as intended within 18% DD 21% showing on here due to a duplicate trade. This being the major reason it’s time consuming keeping the trades synced all the time, and don’t want people to have any issues due because of things on my end.

Maybe I’ll bring it back later in the future, there is a current open trade you can close it for profit.



It’s always c2 fault when your system just didn’t “make it”

U only trade vxx, how hard is it to sync 1 instrument?


It’s not C2 fault it’s the other provider where I run the algorithm it’s not hard just not worth my time to check up on it every 2 hours. You act like developers owe you something.

Yes it’s a failure with the expected drawdowns within its range, I guess it is a failure if you’re expecting 300% annual returns with 80% DD.

I thought it would require very limited time which isn’t the case, again spoke about this before in other threads maybe for some the income is worth it for me it’s not.

I don’t owe anybody here anything, and quite honestly from the tone of most doesn’t even make me want to bother in the future at all even if i get it 100% stable without baby sitting it.

I also don’t want to be a developer responsible for blowing out people’s accounts like majority of strats here because of improper orders, but you try to ostracize me for having a strategy TOS from day one and doing the right thing lol.


Maybe next time you should make sure you like the platform or proof you self for 6 months before writing a wall of text promoting your strategy.



Or just, you know, run your strategy and let subscribers find you based on performance. Stop advertising. Then you won’t have to apologize and unceremoniously exit like this.

Novel concept.


I just don’t get it. Your system blew up, no one else can be blamed for your system blowing up. You created the algorithm, you wrote the lines, you encoded it, you traded it, you are responsible for it. Take the blame and accept you fucked up. And not to be blunt, but it happens to more people, not just you.



And a 6 month promotion ban from the forum should be mandatory for every brandnew strategy on C2.

Actually it would be even better if every new strategy on C2 is not visible at all in the first 6 month.