Vix Debut For You

This is only a test

Just starting out. There we go.

If I were you, I would shut up about this, and then visit the forum again with results in a year or so.
Best of luck to “Vix connect”

I am keeping to my thread.

When you think of it, just made more than bonds in a week. Sheesh.

Bragging about performance after less than a week will not get you any real subscribers. Only legitimate longer term performance will. Or, of course, insane short term performance, which will attract idiot subscribers just in time to crash & burn…


I liked your post 3 times to make you feel good.

Thanx for your sincere concern!

This is only a commercial. Move along, nothing to see here.

Coupon code
Giving folks a chance to take a glimpse for up to 3 months at $29 a month.
Yeah I’m doing all the standard Xiv things but with a few secret twists thrown in that make ALL the difference.
Go ahead take a look. I’m willing to work with those on a tight budget, so if you come to me and say "Gus, I can’t afford $99 a month, though i know this is easily worth $300 a month, I may work with you.