"TQQQ Daytrader": 15.1% YTD (hypothetical), ranked #4 in C2

The strategy buys TQQQ and SQQQ with no overnight positions. It is a pattern recognition algo (not AI or machine learning). Perfect for your IRAs. Try out for 2 months at the rate of $45. Cheers!

Coupon code is: UGNB35523

Can you show or link backtest results?

Yes, of course, let me get them from my computers when I get home in a few hours.

OK, I had uploaded two equity charts here, they are the end results of exhaustive walk forward testing using tick-by-tick data, with no benefits of hindsight. Each hypothetical trade is 1000 shares. I optimized a 90-day tick data and forward tested for 30 days. Those are the charts of cumulative profits for that 30-day period. These two parameter sets (one for TQQQ, and the other for SQQQ) are selected and are currently used since they have the steepest slope of the equity curve when I employed “least mean square regression” as the criteria for consideration. I might also add that this process of forward testing/optimization is repeated every Friday after the close.
(* All hypothetical results here, no future profits are guaranteed. *)

The strategy is performing well, +28.9% in April, and +40.3% YTD (hypothetical), ranked #1 in C2 (4/30/2022)

Since the beginning of April, the strategy trades TQQQ and SQQQ concurrently and independently with different sets of parameters. Only tick-by-tick data is used in the testing/optimization.