AlphaQ Strategy

I have been testing and trading different mechanical systems for a while now. I decided to publish a system called “AlphaQ” on C2. It is based on the two systems which I have tracked on timertrac since 10/26/2015. While AlphaQ is based on these two systems, it will have different results than the two individual systems. Also, AlphaQ may use 3x leveraged ETFs, the timertrac results are based on maximum 2x funds. I also leanred early that one of the two systems (Joey 5b) is much better on short side and the second system (Joey 10) does better on the long side. Obviously, that knowledge has been incormorated in the AlphaQ system on C2.

The short side of Joey 5b gained 22.6% since 10/26/15 at 4.8% max DD. The long side of Joey 10 gained 165% since 10/26/15 at 18% max DD. The combined “long Joey 10” and “short 5b” gained 225% in profit compared to 33% for S&P 500 during the same time.

AlphaQ system is retirement account friendly and only trades long and ETFs only.

The max DD for the system on backtest is under 20%.

Obviously, I am very optimistic but obviously, there are no guarantees.

I am not able to post links to my timertrac systems but I guess I will be able to email you the link if requested.

Best to all.

(copies link, presses “paste”)

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great!! Will si m it, see how it fliss. Most people dont subscribe unless you have 6 months under your belt:)…

Why not just start a new strategy? If you could just replicate your results from say July 2019 onwards I think you’d have a lot of subscribers. People just look at return + drawdown, so i don’t really understand why you’d keep a strategy going if it experienced close to a 25% drawdown after only two months in. I think it’d be better to learn from your previous mistakes and start over

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