Trade productivity

According to The Grid, Tofu is the most productive system earning an average of $73.27 for 6.2 minutes of market exposure per trade. Time in market is an often overlooked but key component is risk analysis.

Good luck with the system. However, if it is anything like the system Whole Wheat, slippage issues with a minimal number of subscribers will give results that are NOT even close to what is posted on C2…in fact you will probably lose money.

Slippage is a factor of the number of contracts traded and the depth of the market, not the number of subscribers. Time will tell if slippage becomes an issue. If it does, the number of subscriber will be limited to prevent it.

That’s what he thought…

David, I suggest you focus on your systems, not mine. Good luck with them.

According to The Grid, Tofu is rated #1 among all Futures systems with all evaluation inputs at default settings.

are these returns consistent with your backtest or live trading?

The posted C2 results are better than backtests but worse than live trading