Is anyone here making money?

I am finding it difficult to determine if Collective2 is effective in helping successful trading systems get subscribers. What has been your experience?

That depends on your definition of "successful trading systems."

If the system doesn’t have a track record of at least six months, or for a day-trade system, hundreds of C2 verified trades along with exhibiting good money-management, reasoned trade sizing, stop-losses and low draw-down, it probably won’t attract subscribers.

In other words, the system in question has to be “better” than already established systems on C2… else, why would a subscriber (herein thought of as a finite resource) switch?

Hi Lew,

Fine, let’s use your criteria for a successful trading system. Do you know for a fact that the owners of such systems are making money here on C2? For all I know this is just a place where persons come to compete against one another like in fantasy football. Is this a place for serious business people or a hangout for the hobbyist?

I guess I shouldn’t expect to get a straight answer from those promoting their systems. If there are persons here making a lot of money they don’t want anyone to know it and they certainly don’t want to encourage newcomers to compete with them for subscribers.

I don’t think high quality vendors should worry too much about that question, as the reward/risk ratio of offering a system on C2 seems excellent. The potential reward is that C2 turns out to be a good money machine for you or that some fund will make you an offer. The risk is that you get zero subscribers and you lose perhaps $100-200 or so in listing fees.

Jack - Note that I was careful to state those points were some of my criteria… amounting to a pre-screen, in effect. I know for a fact that at least some of the owners of said systems are making money… because I, for one, am paying them for signals. In addition, I have friendly relations with a few of the vendors and they do confirm a subscriber base. The problem is, with most systems at least, eventual high draw-downs or over-zealous position scaling leading to scaring subscribers away… especially those subscribers who refuse or cannot follow recommended trade size scaling (thus multiplying risk beyond reason).

Personally, I prefer a day-trade or scalping system (futures only) that plays the electronic markets and monitors them continually… and that closes out by the end of trading Friday.

As to whether C2 is for serious business people or hobbyists… I think C2 is a place designed to sort out the men from the boys, by virtue of its independent trade auditing. There are some serious vendors on here, who continue unrelentlessly making money with their disciplined strategy, and there are the “experimenters” who go broke as fast as they rise to the top. That’s why, in my eyes, a track record is mandatory.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask.

Hi jack,

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>Personally, I prefer a day-trade or scalping system (futures only)

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