Trader 68

I want to trade a strategy that uses stocks and calls,options and I want to autotrade it through Trader 68. I emailed Trader 68 supposrt and thye say they do not support options but they think the option signal may go through from Collective 2 through Trader 68 to IB but just a may they are not sure. Can anybody give me direction on this. thanks

Trader68 is a freebie, but TradeBullet has a lot more testing and history behind it. Question of whether you want free/limited or pay/seasoned

But dunno if TB does options either

Ib does options, hate to pay 50/ month for a bridge to collective and then 95 bucks for the strategy

Trader 68 is free so i can just hook it up and see what happens.

TradeBullet has a 14 day free trial

Karl you ar on here 24/7 thanks for the info but all I really need to know is if trader 68 will trasmit an option call signal from an advisor on collective 2 to IB