Linking IB, TWS and tradebullet

If anyone could tell me; when setting up interactive brokers to take autotrade signals from C2 provider, will and how do I set up tradebullet as the API? I’ve just started this process as a newby and don’t quite see how the process works so tell me If I have it wrong. My account is set up with IB and will use the TWS platform which will need to be up and running 24/7 to receive a provider’s trades. I then subscribe to a system on C2 and then follow the ‘Autotrade’ setup. Will IB’s Tradebullet automatically just know to be my proxy trader without me telling it? I guess anyone who can help me understand the flow process here would help greatly. Thanks a ton!


Yes you have it right. You just need to enter your C2 logon in TBToolsOptionsC2 tab. TB + TWS must be running on your computer to process the C2 signals.

Hey Thanks Allot Francis, greatly appreciated!